Our approach

We go through a series of questions and evaluation to discover where your product exists in relation to your competitors, market and customers. We then perform an evaluation of your current Sales process compared with competitors, and provide you with an assessment and plan for execution. 



We consider your current resources and budget to design a 30, 60 & 90 day plan


We lcraft both a customer journey experience and internal design matrix. We consider your timeline and measured response for your Sales initiatives

How we do it

Our approach combines your goals with science to create a custom solution, specifically for you! We do not believe in a “one-size, fits all” strategy.


We construct several production and assignment matrix. The matrix will help both the client and Gosalesgo with accountability and foresight.


We work with the client to provide metrics and data analysis from a/b testing to data insight. So what happened over the last 60 days. We also look at the Industry leaders and competition to evaluate our position and performance.